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“above all else, to thine own self be true”

Growing up in Princeton, New Jersey, I was surrounded by intellectual curiosity. I could never settle on what I wanted to be. A fire fighter, a baseball player (go Red Sox), a writer, a drummer, a chemist… I was drawn to so many different paths at once. Anything but culinary arts. I tried.

Ultimately, the indecision led me to acting. I figured, as an actor, that I could try on as many different hats as I liked.

I found myself studying theatre at Northwestern University, a school that allowed me to pursue academic interests while offering top flight acting training. It was there I developed an intense love of Shakespeare and the Classics. I found a deep appreciation for poetry, the art of putting the most vivid images into words. I also traded in my Iphone for a flip phone. Best decision I ever made.

While at NU, I spent time at ACT in San Francisco and RADA in London. Through my work as an actor, I began to see that all forms of art are united by a single purpose; storytelling. I believe that an artist’s mission is to explore as much of life as possible in the time we’re given, and to tell the stories we find. Stories are the fabric of human connection.

I graduated from Northwestern after three years, and moved here to Los Angeles. I want to continue growing as a person and artist, always searching for new and exciting ways to tell stories.